32nd Milestone

32nd Milestone is a brand name in entertainment, good food and hospitality founded by visionaries Anubhav Sharma and Mamta Sharma in the year 1990. A landmark destination in Gurgaon for over twenty one years, 32nd Milestone started out as a simple complex of highway restaurants in 1990, set in the midst of unspoiled mustard fields, on a dusty two lane highway more known as Jaipur Gurgaon Bypass, than its current day acronym of N.H. 08.

32nd's past.

During that time the options on offer were Cafe Roadhouse, a 'fast food' eatery for a quick bite on the go in the pre Mac Donald era; the ever favorite Mughlai at The Caravan Serai, which served “a mean Nargisi Kofta”, as the redoubtable food critic, the late Sabina Sehgal Saikia had declared, and The House Of Bamboo, which served the best (and only!) Chinese food that side of town. 32nd Milestone quickly expanded, to build up a repertoire of hospitality, entertainment, and leisure facilities: Club 32- the bar, banquets, and 20 well-appointed rooms, followed in quick succession. Then came Fireball, a standalone discotheque cum nightclub, it broke new grounds by demystifying the clubbing experience, by removing it from the formal environs of 5-star hotels, as was the norm then, and making it approachable to the average man who wanted to party! Host to many high voltage events during its tenure, it held the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Dance Party –a 50 hours dance-marathon, as proof of its popularity at its height.


When it comes to food we know what we are cooking. Having more than

To the right we have six of our signature resturants and bars. You can choose from sipping fine wines at our Terrazzo wine bar to eating our North Indian Mughlai thalis. Nothing will come short of great tasting with a grat ambience.

32nd's present.

Alongside, 32nd Milestone reached out into other activities in the realm of leisure and entertainment: Go-Karting, Bowling, Gaming, etc. All of which together created its USP, of being the perfect leisure getaway, for kids, young couples, corporate, and families—the young and old alike. The turn of the century saw Gurgaon metamorphose into the Millennium City. First came The Mall Phenomenon. Then, the uber modern residences: branded high-rises; gated communities. All of which was matched every step of the way by the exponential growth in the corporate infrastructure, with row after row of premium high-rise offices. All this, in the short span of ten years. As a result, far from being an out-of-town ride, 32nd Milestone became an approachable landmark, set right in the midst of the action. And as Gurgaon changed character, so did 32nd Milestone as a complex, to reflect the sensibility of the times.


Koi, the good luck fish in Feng-Shui, Chinese and Japanese cultures, have the mystical property of bringing good fortune and prosperity to those in theirvicinity. This exceptional attribute is the inspiration behind making these fish the thematic backdrop of this namesake restaurant: 'Koi- The Asian Grill and Kitchen', the latest offering by 32nd Milestone.

'Koi' boasts a sophisticated interior thats both modern yet zen inspired. Illuminated by warm amber lights that play upon the antics of the colorful 'koi'fish in the multiple aquarium across the restaurant, Koi lets diners relax and enjoy some fine wines and the best picks of cuisines from across the far East. Koi fuses the Chinese, Thai and Japanese culinary trends and tastes, creating a Pan Asian dining experience.

But the highlight of the menu is the "Shabu-Shabu', or Asian 'hot-pot' that's cooked on the table top. This is a popular dish that originated in Japan, and gained popularity across China because of its simple, fresh and healthy flavor variations. Its prepared by offering thin slices of prepped meat, vegetables or tofu to the guests, who then proceed to submerge and cook these in a pot of boiling broth (or 'dashi') right on the table top. This is served with a bowl of steaming white rice or noodles. Once the meat and vegetables have been eaten, the resulting broth is eaten in the end, as a hearty soup.


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